We are a "People company" with a focus on the Infused Edible Industry. our goal is to assist in providing solutions regarding consumer-safety, and build confidence in infused foods. we Empower the industry by promoting services that contain palatable self-compliant service solutions. our SERVICES are NOT JUST COMPLY WITH STATE REGULATIONS, BUT ARE DESIGNED TO ADAPT AS THE INDUSTRY MATURES. WE BRING FORWARD THINKING BEST PRACTICES TO THE EMERGING INDUSTRY OF infused FOODS.




Although laws in some states now permit use of marijuana for medical conditions and recreational use, the industry is not subject to the same regulatory scrutiny as other prescription drugs. Once the EXTERNAL PACKAGING is removed, consumers are left with no notice/warning that the product is infused. Increasing the potential of accidental or over-ingestion.

cmusa provides the first ever patent pending Direct-On-Edible system designed to perform as a ”Service Product”.



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as a benefit corporation, our responsibility is to the general public. cmusa is an equal opportunity solutions provider dedicated to the growth of the cannabis industry. open minded free-thinking best practice is cmusa standard culture. the ability of the infused edibles industry to provide general public safety & confidence is our core value.