CMUSA/Dronuts Brand T-Shirt

CMUSA/Dronuts Brand T-Shirt


CannaMarkUSA and Dronuts brands are committed to moving the industry forward. CMUSA has partnered with Healthcare Simulations LLC. The relationship offers many benefits. One of which is the collective pursuit in bringing the best in practice to the industry. 

Please help support the CMUSA/Dronuts "WE THE PEOPLE" Initiative. All proceeds go to research & development department. Build confidence in Infused Edibles is our goal. Our R&D Dept. focuses on both the medicinal and recreational aspects of the industry. And with your help, the results are better and more cost effect products and services made available to THE PEOPLE.


We thank you for your continued support.

CMUSA/Dronuts Brands

Because the industry belongs to THE PEOPLE!

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